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- Our bath duck tumbler toy is made of high-quality ABS material, round and smooth without burrs, and suitable for babies to play with.
- 360° three-dimensional swing, which can be shaken at will without falling, stimulates the baby's interest in exploration and further enhances the parent-child interaction.
- There is a cute little duck in the belly of the tumbler accompanied by the rattle beads, making a pleasant sound, the safety decibel does not hurt the ears and attracts the baby to keep shaking.
- High saturation and bright colors, easy to attract the baby's attention, which is more conducive to the cultivation of the baby's color cognition.
- This cute bath toy is the perfect companion for your child! Whether in the bathroom, beach, swimming pool, or at home, they are a great addition to bath time and summer time.


- Realistic fangs - Special FX teeth that blend well with real teeth by covering the entire tooth giving it a real, scary-looking effect. 

- Retractable design - Easily to show or hide and create a realistic fang effect. 

- Easy storage - Horror false teeth are packed in a small storage box, making them easy to carry and store, reusable for many times.

- Wide uses - These vampire dentures are suitable for Halloween costume party, and can be applied as vampire, werewolf, zombie and cosplay costume accessories.

- Comfortable - Uniquely designed to let you wear it with ease and talk naturally with it on. 

- Easy to wear - Rinse thoroughly with soap and warm water then push into your canines or bottom teeth. 

- Widely applicable - Perfect for party role-playing as a vampire, werewolf, zombie, cosplay costume accessory, as well as gifts to family and friends.

  • - Colorful and violent bear appearance, it is a fan, it can also be a decorative ornament
  • - Portable USB charging, energy saving and environmental protection, battery life at any time
  • - Electroplating process, anti-skid protection of soles, mesh design
  • - 3 gears: soft wind, natural wind, strong wind
  • - Easy to carry, a mini handheld fan for home and outdoor in summer

- Dustproof and moisture-proof, medicine is not easy to oxidize
It is small and does not take up space, suitable for carrying out
- Food Grade Material, Safe And No Toxic
- Great Healthy Gift For Friends And Family


- The projector can project 24 different images
- Flexible rotation by 90 degrees; free to adjust the angle
- The focal length is adjustable, turn to make the image clear
- Develop your kids concentration and imagination during playtime. 


- USB charging, long battery life. A variety of power supply modes (computer/power bank/power supply..), charge anytime, anywhere, and enjoy the coolness.
- Stronger performance: two-speed shifting, simulating natural wind.
- The first gear of natural wind + lighting, office/study, blowing away the sultry heat and more focused; the second gear of strong wind, blowing outdoors, not afraid of sweating and taking off makeup.
- Morandi's contrasting colors, the contrasting colors are more healing, with smart little ears, adding a different texture to summer
- Mini and portable, worry-free when going out. Small size, one storage, equipped with lanyard is more convenient to carry out
- Night lights, dreamy lighting. Night light enhances the atmosphere and brightens life, and the second gear can turn off the light
- Simple switch, more user-friendly. Single-button design, easier to operate
- Intimate table fan, the base design is stable, and it is also firmly placed on the desktop


- 2-mode strong wind
- Two-stage air volume adjustment
- Easy to carry. No matter when you get off work.
- Travel, go out for outdoor activities, baby strollers, etc.
- Can meet your all-weather cool needs.


- The orange peeler uses PP Eco material, health friendly
- Removes fruits' skin without damaging inside and quickly peel your citrus fruit in style
- Easy to use. It is very light, and convenient to hold
- Safe for all members of the family to use, No sharp metal parts, completely safe



- Small and light, easy to carry, suitable for travel
- Environmentally friendly materials, fine workmanship, and guaranteed quality
- Beautiful appearance, easy to attract children's attention and bring more fun to children
- Exercise children's cognitive and hands-on creativity in many ways
- Realistic clothing, let children learn and practice basic dressing skills at their own pace while playing


- Soft, comfortable, protect your skin.
- Has strong water absorption effect.
- Wearable towels, just like wear clothes.
- Use as a bath towel, beach towel, and also could be used as a sleep roble.
- Great for travel or home use.


- Fast drying and no dripping
- Cuts down on drying time
- Less blow-drying means healthier hair
- Ultra lightweight design won't strain your neck
- Elastic loop keeps it secure - won't fall off


- 18 solid wood blocks perfect for hours of fun!
- Blocks come in yellow colors and seven shapes!
- for building and introducing early math concepts.
- A classic creative and educational activity.
- Suitable for Ages 3+.


- Color perception
- Sensory exercise
- Cultivate baby's hand-eye coordination
- 48 challenge levels
- Matching challenges during the day
- Essential educational toys for little babies