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  • Comfortable material will not rub your face
  • Made of High Quality Materials
  • Perfect for daily wear to protect you from dust, ash and so on.
  • A good choice for outdoor sports such as cycling, camping, hiking.
  • Simple but cool design
  • Also a good ornament and fashionable item!

- Made of premium wooden material, smooth surface, won't hurt hands.
- Help recognize colors, geometric shapes, numbers, etc.
- Develop intellectual gameplay and cultivate baby's spatial imagination.


- Let's be a doctor! Make a role playing for the kids with this doctors set and carry case.
- Modern and elegent fashion. Durable and practical toys.
- Provides the perfect way to ease children's anxieties about doctor visits.
- Develops motor skills, imagination, creativity, self expression and logic perception.
- Influence kids imperceptibly: hand-eye coordination, object cognition, character act, parent-child interaction, cultivate interest, meticulous movement.
- Help the kids to know more about doctor and some medical knowledge.
- Through the role of the game, children can be involved in adult life in hypothetical situations, making them from experience and understanding of adult world.
- Usually boys and girls need a set of kitchen utensils, tools and doctor appliances.
- For children provides very high-quality role-playing props, let their precious experience to do doctors and nurses, indirect also overcomes the baby afraid of injections of emotions.


- INTERACTIVE GAMES: 3D maze game can be played with friends or between parents and children, is a good toy to enhance the relationship.
- CONCENTRATION: Maze ball can train children's patience and concentration, and enhance the ability of children to exclude external interference.
- MINDSET TRAINING: Maze ball game will start again from the very beginning once it fails, you can cultivate a good mindset of the child is not afraid of failure.
- SPATIAL THINKING ABILITY: 3D maze ball can develop children's spatial thinking ability and hands on ability, to overcome the inner impatience.
- WIDE APPLICATION: 3D gravity maze game rounded edges, play safe, suitable for daily play at home, but also in the playground, school, recreation room to play.


- Funny and Fashion Design.
- Mini size is easy to storage.
- Comfortable for both baby and toddler.
- Silicone Orthodontic Nipple, Fun and Unique Shape.
- Both pacifier and teeth make great gifts for any occasion
- Simple, practical and easy to clean.


-A test of endurance and willpower baby
-Develop children's intelligence, imagination and creativity, enhance self-confidence;
-Participants ability to participate, thinking skills are very good, but also exercise the team meant. ;
-Meet the baby's curiosity, develop your baby's fine motor ability and hand.


- Let children know colors and have a certain understanding of colors. Using water paint, the color is bright, not dazzling, and has no peculiar smell, so children can play at ease.

- Children who just begin to learn numbers are very vague about numbers, so the counting stick can clearly express concepts and help children learn number cognition.

- Suitable for children 3 years old and above. Designed for 2 or more players. Ideal teaching tool, suitable for parents, family members, and teachers of children who need simple numbers and math learning before school.

- Our toys are equipped with 30 long cards (double-sided), 10 square cards (single-sided), 100 sticks, 10 digital blocks, 1 pen, and 1 cloth

- Children can recognize numbers and understand the relationship between numbers and quantities, and learn simple addition and subtraction. Enrich children's imagination and stimulate their logical thinking.


- To help ease children wash their hands properly, let the water closer to the children, and develop good health habits.

- Simple to use, adorable, baby wash attracts baby added fun.

- Applies to most faucets.

- Easy to carry out. To help ease children wash their hands properly, let the water be closer to the children, and develop good health habits.

- Simple to use, adorable, baby wash attracts baby added fun.

- Applies to most faucets.


- Multifunctional: This set of toys has 11 ways to play, which can enhance the dexterity of baby's fingers. The winding beads at the top can exercise baby's hand-eye coordination.
- Early Development: This set of preschool toys can help children get familiar with basic life skills and fine motor skills in advance. For example, fruit number matching, animal matching and block matching are easy for little ones to handle.
- Safe Wood Toys: This toy is made entirely of well-polished wood and coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint. Since all edges are smooth surface, it is very safe for kids and there is no risk of injury.
- Perfect Gift Idea: This toddler puzzle is a great gift choice for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and other holidays. It not only improves children's hands-on and logical thinking skills, but also reduces the time spent watching TV and playing games, and enhances the emotional communication between parents and children.


- It is good for intelligence development, cultivate children's hands-on ability, and develop their imaginations.
- Improve the ability of baby's recognition and inspired the baby's hand-eye coordination.
- Suitable for ages 3 above
- Bright colored blocks


- Bright colors promote visual stimulation

- Teach the baby to distinguish the color

- Bring Child joy and entertainment

- Baby Learn Time, Color, Shape, and Number

- It also can train a baby memory and assembling ability

- 12 numbers colorful baby educational bricks toy

- Colorful clock educational time number baby early learning

- Kids daily learning digital clock blocks

- Wooden puzzle toy clock 12 number children developmental blocks kids toys

- 100% Brand new and high-quality digital geometry clock.

- To develop children's ability to recognize spatial structure and cognition


- Make the baby give full play to imagination, counting, with the building blocks of take out all sorts of different model.
- Each number wooden blocks has a corresponding position, let baby find the corresponding position, can cultivate baby's hand-eye coordination.
- Montessori educational philosophy would be that if you are teaching numbers, the numbers and the corresponding counters should be the exact same color so all that is focused on would be learning the actual digits.
- Colorful wooden pieces and magnet.
- Develop children's hands-eye coordination skills, cognitive skills, sorting skills, fine motor skills and problem solving.
- Wooden pieces is contain with different color, shape, letter, fruit, animal, car and character.


- Cleaning set for hours of pretend play housekeeping

- Includes broom, mop, duster, dustpan, brush, and storage stand

- All pieces are durably made and sized for kids.

- Dust pan snaps onto all handles

- Sturdy wooden construction


- Made of Metal, keep away from rust

- Pack of 10pcs in package

- Slim hangers save more space for you

- For all kinds of jackets, pants, shirts, dresses, and other kid's clothes

- Perfect for all of your nursery and storage organization needs

- Brighten up your kid's closet