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- Deep ergonomic design holds the baby for comfortable bathing 

- Provides two support positions for stages from newborn to toddler. 

- Portable collapsible bathtub is designed to store away easily to save space at home. 

- The extra leg support with a non-slip material brace for quick and secure positioning on any flat surface. 

- Parent assist tray helps keep bath essentials nearby with a rinse cup included for added bathing convenience. 

- The fold-away design makes storage easy without compromising a full-size tub for your child. 

- The built-in hook allows the bath to be hung for space-saving storage or on the shower head for drying. 

- Simple and easy to carry on: one-piece design makes transitioning between stages easy without losing parts by only


-Includes 13 chunky shapes and 4 small balls
-Each shape fits through a hole of the same shape on the wooden cube.
-Classic learning activity with nostalgic appeal
-Sturdy wooden construction
-Promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills.


- Montessori Material Toy
- 100% New and High Quality
- Interesting toys are good for children's intellectual development.
- Non toxic material is suitable for children to play.
- It is painted from advanced materials
- Good for family game, party supplies, teaching material, etc


- Good development and educational toy for 3 years old kids, to cultivate children's spatial thinking ability, exercise the imagination of children.  
- One side is a magnetism whiteboard, another side is a blackboard.     
- Develop your baby's spatial imagination and creativity.    
- Cultivate the baby's sense of reasonable combination and exercise, and exercise the ability of hand-eye coordination.    
- Cultivate your baby's cognitive and hand-eye coordination skills.    
- Cultivate your baby's good habits.    
- Two-in-one function: Our multi-functional children's Sketchpad provides a variety of ways for your budding artists to exert their creativity and imagination. one side of the double-sided drawing board is the magnetic blackboard and the other side is the whiteboard. 


- For Fine Motor Skills Development

- Great educational toy for your child to play

- Encourage Healthy Social Interaction Promote Natural Learning And Instill A Sense Of Wonder

- Great educational toy for your child to play

- Encourage healthy social interaction promote natural learning and instill a sense of wonder

- Can improve children's intellectual development, hands-on brain, interest training, hand-eye coordination, and other capacity-building

- As birthday gifts or festival gifts for children are wonderful

  • Practice lacing and tying skills
  • Encourage independence and fine motor skills
  • 3+ years
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination and imagination.

- 100% Brand new and high quality.
- The soft suction nozzle can protect baby's tender nostrils, let baby feel extra comfortable.
- Suction is easy to control, simple to operate
-  Easy cleaning, parts can be dismantled, convenient and sanitary.
- Safe for newborns and toddlers.
- Applicable for nasal mucus.

  • Comfortable material will not rub your face
  • Made of High Quality Materials
  • Perfect for daily wear to protect you from dust, ash and so on.
  • A good choice for outdoor sports such as cycling, camping, hiking.
  • Simple but cool design
  • Also a good ornament and fashionable item!

- Made of premium wooden material, smooth surface, won't hurt hands.
- Help recognize colors, geometric shapes, numbers, etc.
- Develop intellectual gameplay and cultivate baby's spatial imagination.


- Let's be a doctor! Make a role playing for the kids with this doctors set and carry case.
- Modern and elegent fashion. Durable and practical toys.
- Provides the perfect way to ease children's anxieties about doctor visits.
- Develops motor skills, imagination, creativity, self expression and logic perception.
- Influence kids imperceptibly: hand-eye coordination, object cognition, character act, parent-child interaction, cultivate interest, meticulous movement.
- Help the kids to know more about doctor and some medical knowledge.
- Through the role of the game, children can be involved in adult life in hypothetical situations, making them from experience and understanding of adult world.
- Usually boys and girls need a set of kitchen utensils, tools and doctor appliances.
- For children provides very high-quality role-playing props, let their precious experience to do doctors and nurses, indirect also overcomes the baby afraid of injections of emotions.


- Funny and Fashion Design.
- Mini size is easy to storage.
- Comfortable for both baby and toddler.
- Silicone Orthodontic Nipple, Fun and Unique Shape.
- Both pacifier and teeth make great gifts for any occasion
- Simple, practical and easy to clean.


-A test of endurance and willpower baby
-Develop children's intelligence, imagination and creativity, enhance self-confidence;
-Participants ability to participate, thinking skills are very good, but also exercise the team meant. ;
-Meet the baby's curiosity, develop your baby's fine motor ability and hand.


- Let children know colors and have a certain understanding of colors. Using water paint, the color is bright, not dazzling, and has no peculiar smell, so children can play at ease.

- Children who just begin to learn numbers are very vague about numbers, so the counting stick can clearly express concepts and help children learn number cognition.

- Suitable for children 3 years old and above. Designed for 2 or more players. Ideal teaching tool, suitable for parents, family members, and teachers of children who need simple numbers and math learning before school.

- Our toys are equipped with 30 long cards (double-sided), 10 square cards (single-sided), 100 sticks, 10 digital blocks, 1 pen, and 1 cloth

- Children can recognize numbers and understand the relationship between numbers and quantities, and learn simple addition and subtraction. Enrich children's imagination and stimulate their logical thinking.


- To help ease children wash their hands properly, let the water closer to the children, and develop good health habits.

- Simple to use, adorable, baby wash attracts baby added fun.

- Applies to most faucets.

- Easy to carry out. To help ease children wash their hands properly, let the water be closer to the children, and develop good health habits.

- Simple to use, adorable, baby wash attracts baby added fun.

- Applies to most faucets.