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- You can store a lot of food in this lunch box which has a large capacity design. With a division plate and good seal design, this lunch box can prevent odor mixture. Cartoon print makes it so cute and beautiful.

- Easy to clean lunch box, compact lunch box to store and take anywhere.

- It is food-grade material that makes this lunch box free from any odor and safe for use. Plus, it is heat resistant so can be used to store hot food and can be heated in the microwave.

- It is made of high-quality PP, PS, and AS material.

- The length of this product is 17.5cm, the width is 13cm and the height is 6cm.

- It is suitable for school, office, picnic camping, etc.


- Geometry Set For All Levels Designed: The Math Set/Geometry Set Designed by Experienced Math Experts with All Essential Items for Teachers and Students.

- Package Includes Pencil, triangle rulers, straight ruler, protractor, graphic, and eraser.

- School compasses are made of metal, with long service life, smooth drawing, and easy operation.

- Drawing compass set adopts an independent packaging design, easy to organize and carry.

- Easily to Store: With durable and shatterproof iron case, to protect and keep tools in place in a backpack or desk.Easy to carry and store.

- Durable metal es will not during use, Ergonomically designed head is comfortable.

- A Good Choice for Teachers and Students: It's also a perfect gift for you, easy to class and to the classroom and at home.


- Small animal rattles in different colors enrich the kid's knowledge of small animals and are also a soothing artifact for interacting with the kid.

- The kid's small hand grasps just right, which stimulates the kid's interest and exercises the kid's small hand grasping ability.

- The built-in rattle will make a sound to attract the kid's attention, and the sound is pleasant, which is beneficial to the kid's hearing development.

- The handle is designed to prevent falling off, and the elastic rope is not easy to fall off.

- The design of the teether is convenient for babies to chew on. The 2-in-1 hand rattle is worth having!

- Every newborn needs a toy that is good for visual development.

- Soft Rattle is a good early development and activity toy.

- Soft Rattle features fun and colorful animal shapes.

- Plush Rattle is designed with a handle fixed rope which can prevent it from falling off.


- Put The Banknote On The Scroll, It Can Automatically Roll-In.

- Press the password to open the safe ( default password is 0000)

- Able to change password, Toy comes with an instruction manual

- Press the Figure print Pad to Confirm the Password

- When paper money aims at the money bank’s cash inlet, it can automatically absorb the cash like ATM

- Requires x 3 AA batteries (NOT Included)

- Perfect children's gift and can teach the importance of saving money.


- Bright colors and cute animal shapes can stimulate your kid's visual development.

- Pull-type musical teether is super soft and cuddly, with a super soft plush touch.

- The plush toy is also designed with sound paper to make it easier for mothers to interact with their kids.


- Arc Handle Design - Perfectly fit for kids' hands - easy to hold baby

- Colorful Kids Rattle - Sensory Color Toy

- Fun sound - visual and auditory development

- Superior Safe Material - Skin-friendly

- Cute animal shape

- Teething Handle


- Beginning early is important because the roots of language are developing in a baby's brain even before he can talk!

- Make your children exercise their intelligence in the process of enjoying the fun of playing and reading the cloth cook. Improve imagination and creativity.

- Let baby fall in love with learning and reading.

- Perfect educational toy gifts on birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Halloween, new year!


- Moderate size drawstring toys are portable and suitable for travel toys on the road, train, and plane.

- Perfect size design for baby to squeeze and play, let kids have a good time

- It also helps to relieve the discomfort of your baby's gums and develop the baby's chewing skills.

- Made of lightweight, silicone and ABS material with exquisite and fine workmanship.

- Crab toys can be hung on a baby seat, stroller, or crib. Great gift for toddlers.


- Unique texture helps baby grasp better, train teeth and improve baby's grasping ability.

- Soft ringing tones and fixed teeth can improve the baby's hearing and speech ability.

- This product is made of non-toxic food-grade ECO material, using ultrasonic technology without any harmful substances such as glue.


- Sensory pull toy is small in size, light material, and the rope edge is textured so kids can easily grasp it.

- Perfect for long car trips and airplane riding activities. Travel toys for toddlers keep your kids busy.

- Relieve the discomfort of your baby's teeth, relieve the baby's emotions, and let your baby chew with confidence.

- This educational toy has bright colors to stimulate a baby's eyesight.


- Girls Mermaid Jewelry Set:1pc necklace.2pc Hair clips, 2pc Hair Ropes, A pair of earrings,1pc Pink Accessories Plastic case.

- Quality: Our Cute Jewelry Set is Made of High-Quality Resin and Acrylic Beads That Rre Durable And Ensure They Will Last a Long Time. No Smell, Smooth Surface, Keep Gentle for Hands and Skin

- Little Girl Play Jewelry: This Children's Jewelry Set is Not Only the Perfect Birthday and Children's Day Gift for Girls, but it also Comes With A Princess & Mermaid Necklace and Hair Accessories So Your Child Can Decorate Themselves with Their New Gift!

- Gift for Granddaughter and Girls: Perfect Gift for Girls, Best Gift for Children's Day, Birthday, Easter, Christmas, New Year, and any Happy Special Occasion.


- Made of high-quality paper, durable and smooth.

- These paper cards are suitable for lollipop decoration. With cute superheroes and princess patterns, they are perfect for Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. 

- Multi-usage decoration cards paper lollipop candy holder can be used to decorate sweets, cake pops, chocolate pops, gift packages, home decorations, and other small items.

- Cute design with impeccable craftsmanship, suitable for lots of DIY craft projects. Your kids, families, and friends will be happy with a special folding card

- Just slip the lollipop onto the holder tag. This will certainly surprise your guests with these colorful lollipop kits. 

- It can be used for Lollipop Decoration and also can be used for DIY cards for kids.

- It will be a perfect gift for kids who love the cartoon.


- Gear rotation, exploring the charm of engineering, gear rotation is a mechanical rotation that uses the teeth of two gears to transmit power and movement to each other
- A variety of aesthetic color matching, happy childhood together, cartoon-shaped inertial gear car
- No battery is needed. With a slight push of the inertial sliding force, the gears in the inertial sliding vehicle of the bus will also rotate accordingly
- Selection of materials to make mothers more assured, made of ABS plastic
- Non-slip rubber wheels are soft rubber, wear-resistant and non-skid, allowing babies to have more fun playing
- Hard core body, no worry about accidental fall, high-strength ABS material, strong structure, strong and impact-resistant


- The Item Is A Cactus Shape Crafts, Which Is Well Made Of Premium Material, The Glass Ornament Is A Durable And Practical Addition To Your Home.

- The Design Is Cactus Shape And Adorable, Add More Fun To Your Home.

- Small and cute, mini cute, with you in a good mood

- Each of our cactus decorations has a different design and a different shape, with a smiley, the word love, and more.

- This Lovely Desktop Ornament Is A Rare Decoration In The Room And Can Also Be Used For Collection.

- It Is Suitable For A Variety Of Scenes, you can put it on The Table For Decoration, Also Suitable For Office, Children's Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Car Inner Ornaments, Etc.


- The catapult car has a cartoon appearance, which makes your child fall in love with it at a glance. It uses harmless material, so it has no harm to your child.

-️ Montessori baby car toys for babies.

- Educational baby toys for pulling back a car toy for one-year-old babies

- Press and slide features make the catapult car increase playability. No battery is needed, so it is environmentally friendly and power-saving.

- Made of plastic material, the product is eco-friendly and durable.

- It is suitable for children, kids, toddlers, and so on.