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- Finger Painting Card with coloring guidelines at the side, easy for kids to refer to. 

- Art and design learning and improve concentration

- Easy learning and educational material 

- Good quality, designs and non-toxic material

- Palette, bottled paint, and inkpad are easy to use

- Interesting picture designs in the book to decorate with color ink

- Circular-designed palette with no sharp edge


- Solving puzzles and brain teasers are important activities to teach kids to work hard at solving problems and foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory.
- Whether you're trying to stretch your brain capacity or spending some leisure time with your loved ones, this would be a great gift for your kids.
- PREMIUM MATERIAL Our puzzle building blocks are made entirely of high quality ABS material, which means they re totally for kids to play without any hurts.
- IDEAL TOYS Our magic magnetic cubes are not only for kids but also perfect for women and men, it provides a easier way for you to keep your hands busy, and effectively relieve stress and anxiety, bring you the peace of mind.
- Ultimate gift for kids, friends, family members, beginners and professionals; provides hours of game play; perfect for reducing stress, exercising your brain, improving patience, memory and practicing hands-on dexterity, mental skills.


- Magnetic block, not easy to lose
- Various combinations to cultivate children's creativity and imagination
- Exercising children's hands-on ability
- Strengthen children's cognition of graphic colors
- High quality material selection, smooth surface without burrs


- Tongue-like design, arc-shaped scraping head, five-leaf arc-shaped scraping blade to better fit the tongue surface.

- Gentle Clean Tongue Without hurting taste buds high, middle, and low three-row slope-type hair transplantation to increase the contact area with the tongue surface.

- With a soft brush bristle, double cleaning without hurting the taste buds.

- Using TPR soft glue to gently clean the tongue coating, does not hurt the taste buds, cleans the mouth, and has no peculiar smell.

- The PP brush handle is more flexible and not easy to break, not afraid of testing and cleaning.

- Ergonomic design, fits the hand, matte texture, comfortable grip, easy to grasp.


- Creative Drilling Toy with Screwdriver Tool Playset! Our kid's toy drill and screw set includes a toy screwdriver, fun wrench, and a realistic, trendy bits drill for kids with 3 heads! Watch as they grow in confidence and learn to fasten, disassemble, and complete rewarding tasks on their own!

-The drill set for kids includes a toy screwdriver, fun wrench, and realistic electric drill! Watch as they grow in confidence and learn to fasten, disassemble, and complete rewarding tasks on their own! Drill set for kids 3-10 years.

- Our creative mosaic drill set is made of high-quality ABS plastic, and the edges are polished. The toy drill is powered by AA batteries (not included), speed is slow, no need to worry about hurting the child.

- Each kid's drill and screw set maxes out their spatial awareness, logical problem solving, visualizing & planning, fine motor skills & hundreds of other essential cognitive skills through play with STEM building toys!


- The back of the material sheet has its adhesive, which can be pasted after tearing it off.

- Cultivate the toddlers' ability to operate, coordinate hands and eyes, and observe.

- The sticker adopts a variety of colors, with novel designs, which is popular with children.


- This toy can inspire kids' interest in painting.

- Made of high-quality paper, safe and environment friendly.

- It is durable and has no easy deformation, a long period to use.

- Blank windmill design, You can paint it with any colors you like.

- It can exercise kids' practical ability and color cognition ability.


- Use high-quality plaster material, which is safe for children.

- Through painting, help develop children's creativity and thinking ability and exercise hand-eye coordination ability.

- The painted doll toys come with realistic designs and vivid colors. Improve color and shape recognition.

- The gameplay is simple and interesting, increasing parent-child interaction.

- Suitable for children over 6 years old, perfect birthday, Christmas, or Easter gift.


- You can store a lot of food in this lunch box which has a large capacity design. With a division plate and good seal design, this lunch box can prevent odor mixture. Cartoon print makes it so cute and beautiful.

- Easy to clean lunch box, compact lunch box to store and take anywhere.

- It is food-grade material that makes this lunch box free from any odor and safe for use. Plus, it is heat resistant so can be used to store hot food and can be heated in the microwave.

- It is made of high-quality PP, PS, and AS material.

- The length of this product is 17.5cm, the width is 13cm and the height is 6cm.

- It is suitable for school, office, picnic camping, etc.


- Geometry Set For All Levels Designed: The Math Set/Geometry Set Designed by Experienced Math Experts with All Essential Items for Teachers and Students.

- Package Includes Pencil, triangle rulers, straight ruler, protractor, graphic, and eraser.

- School compasses are made of metal, with long service life, smooth drawing, and easy operation.

- Drawing compass set adopts an independent packaging design, easy to organize and carry.

- Easily to Store: With durable and shatterproof iron case, to protect and keep tools in place in a backpack or desk.Easy to carry and store.

- Durable metal es will not during use, Ergonomically designed head is comfortable.

- A Good Choice for Teachers and Students: It's also a perfect gift for you, easy to class and to the classroom and at home.


- Small animal rattles in different colors enrich the kid's knowledge of small animals and are also a soothing artifact for interacting with the kid.

- The kid's small hand grasps just right, which stimulates the kid's interest and exercises the kid's small hand grasping ability.

- The built-in rattle will make a sound to attract the kid's attention, and the sound is pleasant, which is beneficial to the kid's hearing development.

- The handle is designed to prevent falling off, and the elastic rope is not easy to fall off.

- The design of the teether is convenient for babies to chew on. The 2-in-1 hand rattle is worth having!

- Every newborn needs a toy that is good for visual development.

- Soft Rattle is a good early development and activity toy.

- Soft Rattle features fun and colorful animal shapes.

- Plush Rattle is designed with a handle fixed rope which can prevent it from falling off.


- Put The Banknote On The Scroll, It Can Automatically Roll-In.

- Press the password to open the safe ( default password is 0000)

- Able to change password, Toy comes with an instruction manual

- Press the Figure print Pad to Confirm the Password

- When paper money aims at the money bank’s cash inlet, it can automatically absorb the cash like ATM

- Requires x 3 AA batteries (NOT Included)

- Perfect children's gift and can teach the importance of saving money.


- Bright colors and cute animal shapes can stimulate your kid's visual development.
- Pull type musical teether is super soft and cuddly, with super soft plush touch.
- The plush toy is also designed with sound paper to make it easier for mothers to interact with their kids.


- Arc Handle Design - Perfectly fit for kids' hands - easy to hold baby

- Colorful Kids Rattle - Sensory Color Toy

- Fun sound - visual and auditory development

- Superior Safe Material - Skin-friendly

- Cute animal shape

- Teething Handle


- Beginning early is important because the roots of language are developing in a baby's brain even before he can talk!

- Make your children exercise their intelligence in the process of enjoying the fun of playing and reading the cloth cook. Improve imagination and creativity.

- Let baby fall in love with learning and reading.

- Perfect educational toy gifts on birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Halloween, new year!