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- Unique animal shape handle design, beautiful shape. Can make your desktop tidier and with the breath of nature. There are three styles to choose from (polar bear, whale, swan).

- Suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as living room, bedroom, study, dining room, or office.

- It can store various types of items, such as cotton swabs, cotton pads, dental floss, candy, and other daily snacks and supplies, as well as clips, pins, and other office supplies.

- Made of ABS. It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and has good transparency. Covered design, dust and moisture-resistant.

- The width is about 9 cm/ 3.6 in, the height (including the handle) is about 13.5 cm/ 5.4 in, and the height (excluding the handle) is about 10.5 cm/ 4.2 in. Easy to use and easy to clean.


- Food grade plastic material, well-made, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe to use.
- Taking the toothpick is simple, quick and convenient, and it can be ensured that only one piece is taken out at a time to avoid waste and the toothpick is not exposed to cause contamination.
- Exquisite animals and plants (four kinds of animals, four season plants) toothpick on the table is lifelike, emitting a strong forest atmosphere, both a toothpick box and an ornament.
- The color is fresh, the texture is attached with texture, and it is made of ABS material, which is firm and stable, covered with transparent cover, and is dustproof and beautiful.
- The sleek design and contrast material combination have unique fun; the transparent material is easy to classify and the capacity change can be observed.


▪ Game for Learning English Vocabulary
- Explore to more English vocab while having fun
- Improve English literacy and communication

▪ Fun to Learn In Writing English
- Able to write & erase repeatedly
- Practice for writing alphabet letters in line

▪ Rich Learning Content 
- 8 different themes learning content
- Numbers, Color, Fruit, Transport, Vegetables, Animals, Stationary, Marine Life

▪ 2-sided Question & Answer Sheet (Q&A)
- Question in front, answer in back
- Easy to refer to the correct answer 

▪ Easy Carry Magnetic Booklet
- Strong hold magnetic wooden blocks & booklet design
- Easy and light to carry and store 

- Start teaching your kids English at home! 
- Get it now for your kids to improve English skill!
- Fun & exciting spelling game for your kids!


- Great for kids birthday party or theme party.
- The assortment of colors was fatastic and no repeats so each kid had a unique cape and mask.
- Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, role playing, Birthday party, 4 year old boy gifts, 8 year old boys gifts, Superhero capes, toys for 5 year old boy, superhero toys, superhero gifts, Can be used with any superhero.
- Encourage imagination and creativity


- Japan quality.Exquisite and appropriate size,excellent workmanship.Double layer design integrates three functions:Cut & mill & Storage.The upper layer can be cut and ground.The cut tablets can be stored in the lower pill box.
- Our pill crusher & pill splitter can cut 0.8"~0.1"Size pills. - The pill crusher can cut accurate division of tablets into halves or quarters or eighth.Professional pill splitter with a flexible V-shape silica gel holder to grip any size pill for accurate cutting. Stable and sharp 304 stainless steel blade help you get a clean cut.
- Simple Pill Grinder,Fine powder can be obtained by pressing the pill crusher cover lightly once or several times,and use the small brush attached to the product to sweep the powder into a cup or other container,done.A small gap is reserved in the grid plate of the pill splitter ,which is convenient for you to get the powder.
- The reverse side of the pill cutter can be used as the pill pack, the medication organizer has 4 divisions ,the cover is tightly closed and won't pop open, the silicone sealing ring ensures that the tablet is not affected by moisture.
- This product is made of environmental protection and food grade materials,and it may be deformed or damaged if it is cleaned with hot water.
- This product is a special knife for cutting tablets. It can't cut capsule drugs other than tablets.
- Includes Blade Guard for added safety,but the blade is very sharp. Don't touch the blade with your fingers.


- The new generation of toilet gels, which can be used only in water tanks, is easy and easy to use without dirty hands; can release the liquid slowly, deep clean, even dissolve residue; plant essence formula, a bottle of sustainable use for up to 3 months (three flushes a day), without frequent replacement, save your heart and mind.
- Excellent Cleaning Ability: it can clean the dirty both of the tank, rim, inner wall, sewer pipe and other parts of the toilet thoroughly;
- Acute Sterilization Ability: effective in killing bacteria and germs of the toilet and sewer pipe, preventing bacteria from toilet and toilet sewer infected alternately;
- Safety: Neutral product, without any causticity or toxicity;
- Environment-protection: no phosphor and without heavy metal;
- Excellent blue that makes you feel comfortable.


- Product Category: Headdress
- Gender: Women / Girls
- Style: Korean
- Size: Diameter 10-13cm
- Product Features: Comfortable Material, Soft Color, Fashionable, Strong and Durable.


- Type: Scrunchies
- Diameter: About 10cm.
- Type: Hair Tie
- Gender: Women, Girls
- Style: Fashion
- Material: Satin
- Occasion: Party, Everyday, Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, School, Office, Making up, Washing face, Daily


- 100% New Product, High Quality
- Product Type: Hair Ring
- Style: Stylish, Sweet, Elegant
- Color: As shown
- Material: Seersucker
- Gender: Lady / Girl
- Suitable Occasions: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, School, Office, Makeup, Face Washing, Daily


- Style: Korean and Japanese
- Material: Plush
- Size: Length 11cm
- Color: As the picture shows


- 100% brand new, high quality
- Item Type: Headwear
- Style: Fashion, Sweet, Elegant
- Material: Organza
- Size: Diameter 10cm
- Color: As pictures shown
- Gender: Women, Girls
- Occasion: Anniversary, engagement, gift, party, school, office, makeup, face wash, daily


- 100% brand new, high quality
- Type: Headwear
- Style: Fashion, Sweet, Elegant
- Material: Satin
- Size: a diameter of about 10 cm
- Color: As the picture shown
- Gender: Woman, Girl
- Occasion: Anniversary, engagement, gift, party, school, office, makeup, washing your face, every day


- Name: Hair Circle
- Color: Multicolor
- Material: cotton, spandex
- Style: cute, elegant, temperament, lady
- Gender: Female


- Made of non-woven fabric and metal material, durable.
- Suitable for halloween decoration.
- Ghost/Witch Hat/Pumpkin/Cat hair clip.
- Halloween style hairbow a variety of interesting patterns,perfect for halloween.
- Perfect for newborn, baby, toddlers, baby girls, little girls, women etc.


- The unique design of the flip offers you different visual and sensory experiences. This octopus features a unique two-tone double-sided design that can be easily rotated into different colours and expressions.
- Suitable for children who play, collect and hug them. Octopus turning can make children happy. It is a fun children's toy.
- Double-sided flip octopus plush toy is made of durable plush material and is filled with high quality PP cotton material.
- It is not easy to lose hair. The colour is full and the hand feels comfortable.
- The unique flip design offers you different visual and sensory experiences.
- Super soft and easy to turn from inside to outside to express your mood.
- Easy to clean, remove stains with a little water and soap and dry naturally.