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- Increase The Musical Sense
- Can Recognize Different Color
- Develop The Baby Latent Art Cell
- Can Train The Baby Hand-Eyes Coordination Ability


- Accurate tuning produces a pleasant sound

- This product is made of wood serinette shape of a Kind and animal trailers integrated toys

- Using high-quality rubber wood and green paint processing, work well, no glitches

- It can develop your baby's ability to identify, hands and coordination force

- Stimulate the baby's hearing and develop the baby love of music


- These 29 brightly colored wooden shapes can be used to fuel your imagination. This set has surprised you as you can create just anything you want! There are also sample cards that birds, caterpillars, fish, and other animals can be formed. With this toy puzzle, infants learn to recognize geometric shapes and create new figures. The beginning of a tangram! The 20 sample cards show different animals and the set is packed in a sturdy cardboard box.

- 100% brand new with high quality

- Made of superior material, eco-friendly and safe to use

- To enrich children’s awareness of animals and children’s imagination

- Effectively improve children's ability to operate


- Teaches early number skills, patterning, problem solving and visual processing, and more

- Jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills and sorting cards provide visual cues that support the success

- Cultivate logical thinking ability and spatial thinking ability

- Practice using chopsticks, spoons, and clips to enlighten toys


- Designed to encourage toddlers to walk with fun
- The stick can be detached into several segments for convenient storage and carry
- Lightweight, grasp and stack easy for baby
- Concept of early childhood: Montessori
- Encourages walking and builds confidence
- Enhances muscles and improves hand-eye coordination


- Make the baby give full play to imagination, counting, with the building blocks of take out all sorts of different model.
- Each number wooden blocks has a corresponding position, let baby find the corresponding position, can cultivate baby's hand-eye coordination.
- Montessori educational philosophy would be that if you are teaching numbers, the numbers and the corresponding counters should be the exact same color so all that is focused on would be learning the actual digits.
- Colorful wooden pieces and magnet.
- Develop children's hands-eye coordination skills, cognitive skills, sorting skills, fine motor skills and problem solving.
- Wooden pieces is contain with different color, shape, letter, fruit, animal, car and character.


- For Fine Motor Skills Development

- Great educational toy for your child to play

- Encourage Healthy Social Interaction Promote Natural Learning And Instill A Sense Of Wonder

- Great educational toy for your child to play

- Encourage healthy social interaction promote natural learning and instill a sense of wonder

- Can improve children's intellectual development, hands-on brain, interest training, hand-eye coordination, and other capacity-building

- As birthday gifts or festival gifts for children are wonderful


- 100% brand new and high quality
- Package Size: 30cm*21cm*8cm
- Product Material: wood
- Develop the right hemisphere function, but also a great benefit to the development of intelligence.
- The tools set include Screwdriver, hammer, ruler, wrench, screws, scissors, saws etc.


- Color block stacking, Rainbow color design is good for color recognition

- This rainbow tower can train your kid's sizes sorting, color recognition, and eye-hand coordination

- Lovely gift and nursery piece.

- It is very interesting to stack the toy one by one

- Wooden material, non-toxic paint, and smooth edge, no harm to kids

- Includes 6 wooden donuts, a top ball, and a base


1. Tetris is a very classic representative of children, adults, and the elderly toys for intelligence, both practicing brain and practiced hand, for the development of people's logical thinking ability and finger muscles activity is very good, but it also can develop a focus on the spirit and patience to learn and work, suitable for young and old.

2. A variety of collocations lets baby carry out their subjective initiative

3. Train baby's active thinking and improve logical thinking ability

4. Exercise baby digital and space combination concept, cultivate independent thinking ability and let the children win at the starting

5. This product aims at training kids' imagination, eye-hand coordination, and color & shape recognition.

6. Teaches dexterity and coordination.


- Sturdy, quality made and competitively priced.Great gift idea for kids.
- Exciting education.Sometimess,tools stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
- Non-toxic materials: the ecofriendly toy is mommy approved and there are no bpa’s and harmful chemicals to affect your growing child’s health
- Immaginative: the fully functioning tool is perfect for stimulating the little ones imaginations.
- Inspiring young kids to learn .It will helps kids discover the world and go outside and play!


- Lovely gift and nursery piece.

- This Duck rainbow tower can train your kid's size sorting, color recognition, and eye-hand coordination

- Can help to develop manual dexterity, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and ability to grade sizes.

- Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings

- Hands-on activities strengthen the baby's sense of touch. 

- Suit for children aged 3 years or older