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1. Rich character costumes, bright pictures, attract babies' interest in games, cultivate babies' concentration and imagination.
2. Guide baby to observe the shape and play matching games. Learned to recognize size, shape and color while having fun.
3. High-quality materials, greener and safer. The edges are neatly cut without burrs, round and not hurting hands.
4. Maintenance instructions: It is forbidden to wash with water, and it is forbidden to expose to the sun. It is not suitable to be placed in a humid environment. For cleaning, you can wipe the surface with cloth.
5. The product is magnetic, guide babies to find more places with magnetism in life except for refrigerators, drawing boards, thermos cups, etc.


- Stimulate imagination, creativity, and thinking ability, improve color awareness and concentration, and book clip design. 
- Enrich the baby's imagination and creativity, and cultivate the baby's hands-on ability
- Tangram is magnetic with 96 black questions + 96 color answers. Your baby must use his imagination to solve a problem, and at the same time exercise his baby's combing logic and cognition of color, your baby will be interested in it.
- Help children train basic logic, numbers, geometric figures, perimeter, area, and Bishop's theorem.
- The best gift for the parent-child game


- Organizing and storing all your cosmetics when traveling/hangout. 
- Durable metal handle design, portable, great for travel or display on your home dresser 
- PU / Nylon material, classic and nice. 
- It is designed to place your lipstick, lip gloss, etc. You can also store other gadgets, such as a key chain. 
- Cosmetic bag ONLY, other accessory is not included.


- Neck Type Round
- Regular Fit
- Bio Wash Cotton
- Sleeve Narrow
- Western Wear


- ABS Silicone material, the impact strength is greatly improved, and corrosion resistance is strong, durable, and wearable. 

- Fine workmanship, every corner is finely polishing, flexible, and not deformed.

- There are six beads on the rattle, so babies can exercise their hands-on ability.

- It is made of soft glue, so children can bite it without damaging their teeth, and also works as a fitness stick.

- Smiley bells are more attractive to children, they will promote their sensory development.


- Girls Mermaid Jewelry Set:1pc necklace.2pc Hair clips, 2pc Hair Ropes, A pair of earrings,1pc Pink Accessories Plastic case.

- Quality: Our Cute Jewelry Set is Made of High-Quality Resin and Acrylic Beads That Rre Durable And Ensure They Will Last a Long Time. No Smell, Smooth Surface, Keep Gentle for Hands and Skin

- Little Girl Play Jewelry: This Children's Jewelry Set is Not Only the Perfect Birthday and Children's Day Gift for Girls, but it also Comes With A Princess & Mermaid Necklace and Hair Accessories So Your Child Can Decorate Themselves with Their New Gift!

- Gift for Granddaughter and Girls: Perfect Gift for Girls, Best Gift for Children's Day, Birthday, Easter, Christmas, New Year, and any Happy Special Occasion.


- The catapult car has a cartoon appearance, which makes your child fall in love with it at a glance. It uses harmless material, so it has no harm to your child.

-️ Montessori baby car toys for babies 0-6-12-24 months.

- Educational baby toys for pulling back a car toy for one-year-old babies

- Press and slide features make the catapult car increase playability. No battery is needed, so it is environmentally friendly and power-saving.

- Made of plastic material, the product is eco-friendly and durable.

- It is suitable for children, kids, toddlers, and so on.


- High-quality silicone allows for the narrow bottle brush to be ultra-durable and long-lasting.
- Long Cleaning brush does not absorb grease or odors.
- Very comfortable, ergonomic non- sliding handle wine bottle brush will not slide even in the most slippery, soapy hands.
- Kitchen bottle brush is silicone material.
- The bottle brushes are very durable and long-lasting. They will not scratch, and do not absorb fat or unpleasant odors.
- Easy to use, Super decontamination ability.
- It is widely used in coffee cups, baby bottles, tableware, tea cups, water bottles, etc.
- It is a good helper in your life.


- Educational Toys
- Multifunctional puzzle building table to accompany children to grow, deisng for multiple uses.
- Solve multiple problems for moms at once
- Stable and durable
- Storage Items
- Can also bought as gift for friends' children birthday party


- Eco-friendly fabric: cotton
- Protable and fashionable
- Multi-function: cloak, nursing cover, infant car seat cover, highchair cover, shopping cart cover, scarf
- Size : around 144 x 73cm


- Colorful, tactile 3-D shapes
- Enhance geometry lessons
- Includes cone, sphere, hemisphere, cube, 2 cylinders, 2 rectangular prisms, triangular prism, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism, and square pyramid
-Children love to identify these colorful shapes and count the number of faces and vertices. A tactile learning tool for essential, early geometry and math skills.
- Ideal for ages 5+


1.It can easily pick up all kinds of bottles, avoid out after disinfection bottle yes secondary pollution, but also prevent the mummy was scaled;
2.Multi-function bottle clip clip longer, can be more easily into the point of sterilization containers clip nipple, and other small parts;
3.Has four cleats design, firmly clamping bottles, don't fall off;
4.Clamp head groove non slip design, nipple, and other small parts can be more firmly clamps;
5.The installation card buckle, dismantling is convenient.


- Made of high-quality ABS materials, sturdy, good quality, and long use time.

- Perfect for vertical paper design for multiple sizes of roll paper.

- The wall is installed without a trace, no space, and no need to punch.

- Suitable for wall glass, ceramic tiles, painted wood panels, metal panels, PVC panels, marble, polished tiles, etc.

- Not suitable for wallpaper, embossed wall surface, mortar powder wall, cultural stone, etc


 - This walker is able to exercise your baby's hearing, sense of touch, child's cognition of different shapes, and learn to walk scientifically. 
- The walker offers two ways to play: push it along the floor + sit and play. 
- Adjustable screw enables you to adjust its speed in accordance with the pace of the baby learning to walk, so the baby can learn to walk in a more safe and scientific way.
- Triangle solid structure, the walker can assist the baby to maintain the balance of the body so as to form the correct walking posture. 
- Special made rubber rear-wheel, the friction is greatly increased, non slip. 
- There are non slip textures on the arm, your baby won't fall down when grasping it. 
- The Musical Walker material non-toxic and eco-friendly.
- Prevent O-leg


- Made of durable plastic that holds up to daily use, polished corner, and smooth, covered surface is easy to wipe clean.

- The storage box has a wide mouth design, which makes the paper smooth and has no paper jam when you pull out the paper. Removable top plate with holder, easy to change paper, easy to change and install, with a wide paper exit.

- The multifunctional tissue box can store many items, such as school supplies, eyeglasses, office supplies, mobile phones, TV remote controls, etc. From now on, you can say bye to the messy desktop. The simple appearance is very clean and refreshing.

- Not only a tissue box but the perfect decoration for a home, office, apartment, restaurant, condo, etc. Minimalist style design that not only solves your storage problem and matches your home/office decor perfectly.