Baby Bib (BB)
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- Waterproof, easy to clean.
- Fashion and cute cartoon design.
- Food grade silicone resists stains and does not absorb water.
- Big, wide pocket catches food, does not spill, and actually stays open!
- With cute kid valuable bundle, no more buying bunch of bibs and ruining clothes from falling food. No more cloth bibs going into the washing machine every day and save time.


- Stylish pattern,suitable for both boys and girls
- Easy to be matched with clothes
- Easy to adjust to fit your baby perfectly
- Made of cotton,comfortable feeling
- Keep your baby clothes completely dry
- Great for teething & drooling babies


- The towel is made of highy quality cotton material for durable and protective use.
- Protect and keep your drool teething baby dry from all dribble and spit ups. No more wet clothes.
- Simple pattern is great for both boys and girls.
- Features with fashion style, they are perfect for any outfit.
- An ideal gift for new parents who have baby and toddlers